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Your dream home isn’t complete without a beautiful deck for lounging, entertaining, and enjoying family time outside. When you’re looking to build the best deck in the neighborhood, choose ATX Residential Construction. We’ve been voted one of Austin’s top five deck builders for the last two years, and it’s not hard to see why! ATX Residential Construction builds fine decks with craftsmanship and care. We take the time to learn what you want out of your outdoor spaces, and we use that information to build the best deck for your home and budget. Your backyard has never looked better!

Why Build a New Deck

There’s no shortage to the benefits that a new deck can add to your home. Here are just a few of our favorites:

  • Increased property value: According to some experts, adding a deck increases your home’s property value even more than adding additional rooms. A well-built deck also adds aesthetic appeal to your backyard. Prospective buyers will see your yard as the showpiece of your home!
  • Additional space: If you don’t have room in the garage for your grill or patio furniture, a deck is a great place for them. They’re also good for odds and ends like potted plants and bird feeders that don’t have a natural place in your home.
  • Room for entertaining: What more can we say? Having a deck is just plain fun. Nothing says summer like all your friends and family enjoying a sunny day outside on the deck while the grill blazes away. Your beautiful new deck will quickly become a favorite space to have parties, spend a lazy afternoon, and unwind after a long day.

Easy Maintenance

ATX Residential Construction’s decks are not only beautiful, but low maintenance. We make sure that we build your deck with every feature it will need to stay in good shape for the long haul. Whether you choose a wood or composite deck, maintenance is only required every few years. Composite materials are particularly easy to maintain, as they don’t weather or require staining.

Our crews are licensed, bonded, and insured

Like all our services, your new deck is built using ATX Residential Construction’s customer-centered process. At every stage of the project, we’ll make sure that our work is meeting all your wants and needs. We don’t consider the project a success until it receives your stamp of approval! Of course, we know you’ll love the quality of our work. Every member of ATX Residential Construction’s expert crew is licensed, bonded, and insured, as well as highly trained. We stand behind our work with a two-year workmanship warranty.

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